When is Zero not Zero?

Updated: May 6

There is a popular seasoning brand on the market that prides itself on having zero calories per serving. This is quite exciting, as it's an all natural ingredient list and they have managed to get the sugar/honey calories to 0.

Is it possible to have zero calories from something that contains sugar? Sure it is! Just make the serving size small enough that the actual calories count comes out as less then 1, and a manufacturer can legally declare a serving as calorie free.

Do mathematical rules reign over caloric calculations? After all, multiply anything by zero, and the result is zero. Right? That's a math fact we all learn at an early age.

Sadly, the answer is no. Although the calories for a sprinkle can come in at less than 1 calorie (and yes, a sprinkle of Aloha Spiced Cacao can come in at the same 'zero' calories), the mathematical rule of zero does not hold true h


ere. Why? Just because the FDA says a caloric content of less than 1 is zero, reality is a caloric content of .75 is still a partial calorie to be burned. Multiply .75 by 266 'sprinkle' servings and voila - you have 199.5 calories! A far cry from zero!

Integrity counts. Transparency counts. Truth in Labeling is important. Ask questions and clarify information on all your favorite foods. Eating extra calories is not an issue if you know you are consuming them. Choosing products from Maui SweetnSpicy lets you enjoy delicious yum with no worries.


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