Annually stock your pantry and never run out of your favorite Cacao Yum!  Everything you need to make those special treats, drinks and meals.  Pick your flavors and let us know in the notes.   We will pay the shipping.


100% Dark Spiced Cacao to make your mouth smile!

Sip, stir, blend, bake, roll, dip, sprinkle, rub or mix.  Its a condiment, its an ingredient, its simply delicious!  

Lactose, gluten and dairy free.  Vegan. Low glycemic (3) and low calorie.  

Full of antioxidents and robust cacao flavanols.  


Mix with caffeine (coffee or tea) and get a natural thermogenic metabolism boost!  


Available in Original, Chili, Lavender, Mint, Espresso and Pumpkin.



Annual Refill: Aloha Spiced Cacao - 14 oz

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  • Available is six flavors - Original, Chili, Lavender, Mint, Espresso and Pumpkin, this dark spiced cacao is an guilt free way to get your cacao fix and your antioxidents in one 22 calorie serving.  


    Conveniently available in single servings (9g), 5 servings (1.5oz) or a whopping 44 servings (14oz). 


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