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Maui SweetnSpicy's response to Covid19 is a pivot to safe, comfortable, sustainable protective resources. Our masks can help protect your outsides, our cacao and spices help enhance your well being and immune system.


Masks are washable, and have a washable polypropylene filter sewn in. They come with an additional filter, a sample of Aloha Spiced Cacao AND a future download from Alika Nako'oka as a 'mahalo' for supporting local Maui businesses during this time.


  • Mask Anatomy 101

    • In order to determine what kind of mask we would make for Maui SweetnSpicy, a lot of research had to happen. We needed a mask that was more protective then what was currently on the market, it needed to be washable, comfortable and fun. A fun Mask? Why yes – a mask should spark a bit of joy when you pick it up. It should bring a sense of empowerment and confidence in knowing you are protecting yourself, your loved ones and those around you. A mask from Maui SweetnSpicy should evoke a thought of Maui and warm your heart with the aloha and mana it contains.


    The actual design and construction of Maui SweetnSpicy Masks is based on research and incorporates the following:

    • Cotton fabric provides 70% barrier, and cotton polyester fabrics provide 74% barrier. All our fabrics are high quality cottons or cotton polyesters. Most are vintage (over 30 years old) from a time when fabric quality was the rule of the day.
    • Independent testing shows that certain brands of polypropylene fabrics, including the filters used in Maui SweetnSpicy masks, can filter the .125 micron Covid 19 virus. Sewing a layer into the mask, and providing an additional layer increases the efficacy of the Maui SweetnSpicy mask.
    • The Covid19 virus is .125 microns – smaller than a human hair. Sewing needles create a hole much larger than this. Maui SweetnSpicy masks have no stitching within the center of the mask to eliminate any “open door” opportunities for the virus to enter.
    • Maui SweetnSpicy masks include a chin pouch which allows a tighter fit along the lower mask edge.
    • Using ribbon eliminates any latex allergy exposures from elastic, and allows for an adjustable, comfortable fit for hours. No sore ears with a Maui SweetnSpicy mask! Ribbon ends can be tied to a pony tail elastic for ease of use and increased tension.
    • The use of dual nose pieces allows for a tight fit on the nose and a separate seal along the cheek line.
    • The pleats vs darts on the cheeks create a tighter curve on the cheeks and allow for tension adjustments via the ribbon ties.
    • The neck loop allows the mask to be handy at all times. No more scrambling to find it when you need it!
    • Worried about cross contamination? The Mask can be easily removed without touching the exterior and added to the daily laundry.
  • How to Wear a Maui SweetnSpicy Mask

    To Wear the Mask:

    • Holding the mask in one hand, grasp the loop of ribbon and pull until the loop is large enough to go over your head. Place loop over your head.
    • Place the mask under your chin, and adjust placement on nose. (I prefer to have it sit on the cartilage, not bone part.) Pinch the metal in the top seam to grasp your nose. Smooth the fabric to your cheek to shape the other seal.
    • Grasp the ties from the top corners and pull to adjust neck tension. Pull to back or top of head and tie to secure.
    • If more tension is desired, tie each end of the ribbon to a pony tail holder. This will create a tighter seal.
    • To remove without touching mask, pull on tie end to release knot. Pull on neck strap to enlarge loop. Pull loop over head to remove mask. Tie ends together prior to washing.
  • Care and Washing

    • How do I properly wash and sanitize my masks, and how often?” Physician Dr. Darragh O’Carroll recommended washing cloth masks after EVERY outing. Wash them thoroughly by hand with lots of soap and hot water or in a washing machine. To dry masks after washing, run them through a hot dryer or hang them outside in UV sunlight. If you’re unable to wash your masks immediately after use, place them in a sealed plastic bag until the next use. Unless you have been instructed otherwise by your doctor, make sure your mask is made of cloth. The filters included in these masks are washable.



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