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This 100% Dark Spiced Cacao and Pumpkin Spice Blend is sure to make your mouth smile!


Perfect for latès, hot chocolate, cookies, your favorite holiday roasted veggies AND MORE!


Sip, stir, blend, bake, roll, dip, sprinkle, rub or mix.  


Its a condiment, its an ingredient, its simply delicious!  


Lactose, gluten and dairy free.  Vegan. Low glycemic (3) and low calorie.  


This Pumpkin Spice Cacao is FULL of antioxidents and robust cacao flavanols (flava-what??) Flavanols!


They're naturally occurring compounds in cacoa. Numerous studies have demonstrated that cocoa flavanols help support blood vessel health and healthy circulation.


Blend with caffeine - coffee or tea - and  have a natural metabolism booster! 


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Flavor: Pumpkin
  • This dark pumpkin spiced cacao is a guilt free way to get your cacao fix and your antioxidents in one 22 calorie serving.  

    Conveniently available in a pack of three single servings (.3oz each).