At the beginning of COVID,  Maui SweetnSpicy researched the types of patterns and materials that were recommended for masks.  Poly/cotton has a 74% efficacy rating, and the polypropalene filter fabric is reported to increase that to over 85%.  


Our masks are ear free!  Redesigned to save your ears for airpods, glasses and jewelry, these are adjustable,  comfortable and washable. Our masks have one layer of filter material sewn in, and an additional layer included with purchase.  All interior edges are finished with a serger.  They will last thru months of washing.  The neck loop means they wont be lost and the nose piece is stout enough to keep it in place for a few moments. - even without the ties. Dual nose/cheek pieces allow even those who wear glasses to enjoy fog free wear.  


Since the original design, we've added a toggle to the ribbon for easy fit and adjustment.  Should you have less hair or need more friction, adding a pony tail holder into the mix does the trick.  


Your purchase helps us donate to our kupuna, food bank volunteers and local first responders here on Maui.


Selections list quantity available for regular sized masks.  Any size can be ordered, just be aware that larger masks take more fabric, so six regular would = 4 large. 


Place the fabric choice(s) and size in the notes.  Your mask will be sewn just for you - filled with mana and aloha to keep you and yours safe.  


Have a favorite fabric you'd like to use?  Give me a shout and we can make it happen.


All orders include a sample of Aloha Spiced Cacao  and a free cd download as a mahalo for supporting Maui SweetnSpicy. 


Vintage n Prints Custom Mask Fabrics

  • To Wear the Mask:

    • Holding the mask in one hand, grasp the loop of ribbon and pull until the loop is large enough to go over your head.  Place loop over your head. 
    • Place the mask under your chin, and adjust placement on nose. (I prefer to have it sit on the cartilege, not bone part.)  Pinch the metal in the top seam to grasp your nose.  Smooth the fabric to your cheek to shape the other seal.  
    • Grasp the ties from the top corners and pull to adjust neck tension.  Pull to back or top of head and tie to secure. 
    • If mask needs more tension, tie the top ties to a pony tail holder.  Once adjusted, this will allow easy take on/off of the mask.
    • To remove without touching mask, pull on tie end to release knot.  Pull on neck strap to enlarge loop.  Pull loop over head to remove mask.  Tie ends together prior to washing.  
  • How do I properly wash and sanitize my masks, and how often?” It's recommended washing or sterilizing cloth masks after EVERY outing. Wash them thoroughly by hand with lots of soap and hot water or in a washing machine with water temperature above 160°F. To dry masks after washing, run them through a hot dryer or hang them outside in UV sunlight. If you’re unable to wash your masks immediately after use, place them in a sealed plastic bag until the next use. Unless you have been instructed otherwise by your doctor, make sure your mask is made of cloth.   The filters included in these masks are washable.   I use Thieve from Young Living as a refresh spray inbetween laundry days.