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  • What's your COVID protocol?
    In addition to our Good Manufacturing Process - which mandates extra cleaning standards and standard masks/social distancing in the kitchen - we are strict about maintaining a clean environment and eliminating any potential contamination. Covid has shut down Maui, so the manufacturing and packaging has been handled by one person which makes it very easy to social distance! Should you ever schedule an inperson tasting and shopping session, you will find the hand wash station outside the door, and masks on inside. Stay Safe and let Cacao help keep you well!
  • What about Shipping and Returns?
    The site is set up to use USPS and we ship cubic rate or first class before we use a flat rate box. If your order needs special attention, reach out and let us know. We can make it happen. Live somewhere we don't ship to? Just let us know and we'll make it possible. Not happy with your order? Give us a shout and we'll do our best to make it right.
  • Where is your store?
    We don't have a physical location, as we've relied on our wonderful shops such as Hui No'eau and Tutu's Pantry to supply your every craving. With the advent of COVID, we've pivoted to online marketing and have made available tasting and shopping by appointment from our home based store. Same products, same production methods, just new delivery options.
  • But I can't eat...
    At Maui SweetnSpicy it's not about all the things you can't eat, it's about all the products we create that you CAN eat. That's right - most of our products are lactose, gluten, dairy free. They are vegan. They have no additives or chemicals. We use a shared kitchen, so our standard process is to clean and sterilze the space before we even bring in our ingredients. This standard helps us keep our products as pure as our label claims. Need something special? Give us a shout and lets talk story. We can create special flavors, blends and products that will make your life a little simpler and a lot more delicious.
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