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Bacon Crack!

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

Are you ready to level up your bacon and chocolate cravings to the next level? Our bacon crack is crisp and flavorful - ready to satisfy your next bacon craving, garnish that burger or kick up your favorite dish.

Oops! You already ate all of it?

No Worries - relief is a few minutes away.

Reach into your pantry and pull out your stash of Aloha Spice Cacao - Chili; Maui 3C Creole and Maui Chili Mole Spices from Maui

Grab the precooked bacon from the fridge (I use Costco brand...any bacon will work)

Fill your baking sheets by pulling the entire sheet of bacon from the package to the pan.

For the Maui 3C Creole Bacon Crack - Simply shake the Maui 3C Creole spice over the amount of bacon you want with this flavor.

Place baking sheets into a cold oven, set to 400 degrees and bake until crisp and fat is bubbling on top of the bacon. Remove from oven and place on paper towels to drain.

Into a one gallon ziplock bags, add 1-2 tablespoons Aloha Spiced Cacao or Maui Chili Mole Spice (Use 2-3 Tablespoons per pound of bacon). Add cooled bacon to the ziplock bag. Seal Bag and Shake. Store in plastic bags. Do not refrigerate. Recrisp bacon by placing in oven at 400 for a few moments.

Eat and enjoy!

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