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Focus on the Positive and Your Children Will Too!

Powerful Parenting: The Asset Building Way

Sitting in a Masters Class long ago, the professors words, "this study identified factors that help kids do things right" caught my attention and changed my life. I immersed myself into all things about the "40 Developmental Assets" and connected with Search-Institute for training. I've created resources for youth in Spokane, WA, and I've since used the same tools in the YKHC area of Alaska, Hawaii, Cyprus, and my former counseling practice. Seeing the strengths (or what's right with a child) profoundly changes how one sees all people.

Seek the good, unlock the possible, celebrate the impossible. Over and over I watched young people turn their lives around, step up to be leaders or simply reach out to help another. These young adults are still making a difference all around the world.

Enjoy your Asset journey! Feel free to ask questions, connect with for resources and start using connections and relationships to change your world.

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